The Customer can pay for his order in one of the following ways.

Payment at the physical store

The Customer can pay for his order at the cash desk located in our physical store, on the days and hours of operation of the commercial stores.

Transfer to a bank account

You can transfer the exact amount of the order to one of our bank accounts, either online or to the cash desk of a branch of the following banks. In the event that the amount is deposited in a different bank, the shipping costs are borne by that bank ("OUR" option). Our account details are as follows:

Holder of the account: KOMNINOY EYSTR. ASHMINA
IBAN: GR3102603190000640201300403

To serve you faster, please include your order number.

Payment by Cash on Delivery

Cash on delivery for Greece is made through Speedex and TNT without right of withdrawal, and which are non-refundable in case the Customer wishes to return the product. Payment must be made to the distributor in cash or by card upon agreement with the distribution company.

Payment by Bank Card

The Customer enters his bank card number as well as its expiry date and security code (CVV).

Finally, he validates his order by pressing the "Confirm" button. To ensure the payment, in some cases, the confirmation of the payment is made only after the identification carried out by the bank.

Payment by Gift Certificate or Voucher

Voucher payment is possible. The Customer should write the Coupon code in the corresponding field. If the amount of the order exceeds the amount of the voucher, the Customer must pay the balance of the order in another way. If the order amount is less than the voucher amount, the Customer will be credited with the remaining unused amount.

Payment Error

The Company reserves the right to refuse delivery or the execution of an order from a Customer who has not paid the full amount or part of the payment of a previous order or with which there is a pending risk of fraud.

Any rejection of the bank card, or refusal of payment by cash on delivery, may lead the Business to a validation process or be considered a risk of fraud. For all non-payments, the Company will apply penalties and, in addition, set collection costs.

The Company controls all orders placed in its Online Store. This control is intended to protect the Online Store from abusive practices: identity theft, payment fraud, etc. The Company's representatives may ask the Customer to provide proof of identity (copy of ID or passport), as well as proof of physical address (electricity bill or landline phone) in order to unblock the order.

If these details are not sent within 7 days, the order will be automatically canceled. Any presentation of false supporting documents will also result in the cancellation of the order and their notification to the Prosecution of Electronic Crime.

Payment Security

To ensure payment security, the Company uses a secure payment service with a 128-bit SSL encryption certificate. At the moment of payment, the Customer is redirected to the bank's website where he enters his card details. The confidential data (the bank card number, the expiry date and the CVV security code) are confidential data and are transmitted directly to the bank's server without going through the means of the Online Shop. Then the bank's payment system immediately informs about the success or failure of the transaction so that the online store can register or not the order as completed.

In this way, the Customer's financial information is never shared with the Company.

Last Update: 16 May 2023